The W.Hoffmann brand was founded in Berlin in 1904 by Wilhelmine Sophia Friederike Hoffmann. Their upright and grand pianos are made by C. Bechstein Europe, a subsidiary of the foremost European piano manufacturer: C. Bechstein. 


Every single W.Hoffmann piano is an instrument of high musical quality, compatible with a family budget and made in the heart of Europe – which is hard for competitors to believe. 


W.Hoffmann is among the rare piano brands still made in Europe and exported worldwide, even to Asia. The increasing success of the brand makes competitors prick up their ears...

The 3 W.Hoffmann lines

Professional, Tradition or Vision: find the piano that meets your requirements in one of the three W.Hoffmann lines, each of them boasting excellent value for money.



Instruments at an unbeatable price: your gateway to the W.Hoffmann world.


Top-class European quality with all the hallmarks of the German piano-making tradition.



Pianos personalized by hand, made for demanding pianists while remaining affordable.


Vision Line

The W.Hoffmann Vision pianos embody the philosophy of the premium brand: offering the best in all price levels.From their pleasant touch to their impeccable and nuanced action that enables you to repeat notes easily, these pianos meet all European quality standards. Sold the world over, the W.Hoffmann Vision pianos “made by C. Bechstein Europe” offer excellent value for money.

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Traditional Line


The W.Hoffmann Tradition pianos stand out for an action that offers a wealth of interpretation possibilities, and a wonderful, colourful voice with a broad dynamic range. The beautiful voice of the W.Hoffmann Tradition pianos stems from craftsmanship and mirrors the European tradition. Your pleasure in playing will never fade with such an instrument.

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Professional Line


The W.Hoffmann Professional line stands out for its sturdiness and its powerful, harmonious sound. These mid-range, yet high-class pianos of exceptional quality integrate choice raw materials and boast a high level of craftsmanship, making them a good alternative to Bechstein, the premium brand.

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