W.Hoffmann Tradition T 128

You’ll love playing this piano for its musical quality!

About T 128


This piano stands out for its bold case, its powerful, yet romantic voice and its precise action that suits all playing techniques. Agraffes contribute to the clarity of sound, and the sturdy back frame guarantees long-lasting quality. The soundboard and its ribs are made of carefully handcrafted spruce. The carefully selected and hand-voiced hammer- heads are of the best German quality.




Dimensions - H 50.4'' / 128 cm ×  W 57.9'' / 147 cm ×  D 24.6''/ 62,5 cm   


Weight - 520 lbs / 236 kg

Back frame - Solid braces made of medium-density pinewood


Soundboard and ribs - High-quality spruce grown in the Alps and carefully crafted


Bridges - European beech


Pinblock - Beech multiplex


Iron frame - Cast in high-density sand


Strings - Steel wrapped with copper (German quality, 99% purity)


Case - Massive spruce and medium-density fibreboard


Agraffes - For a clearer sound


Action assembly - Precise and reliable action that meets the C. Bechstein standards


Hammerheads - C. Bechstein hammerheads with maple core, warm Europe

Available Finishes Black or white, polished; walnut or mahogany