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The Sphinx
Beauty, down to the finest detail!

A grand piano fit for a king! The styling, the adornments on the body, are an homage to the great Empire style period dating back to the time of Napoléon Bonaparte. The first model was built in 1886 as a special exhibition piece for C. Bechstein, London.


The formidable sound quality combines modern concert culture with a regal presence. C. Bechstein has succeeded in resurrecting this historic treasure. This outstanding piece took 1800 working hours to create, over a total production time or 32 months.

The acoustic body of the Sphinx grand piano, the musical heart inside this replica, is the C. Bechstein B 212 model, a professional grand piano of the master class series. Its’ touch and tone qualities fulfil even the highest of requirements and enchant anyone that plays the instrument.