The industry's most award-winning hybrids

Acoustic Tranquility



Hybrids represent a new breed of musical instruments created by the fusion of acoustic and digital piano elements. By combining the best of both worlds, Kawai has created a superb range of hybrid instruments with the ability to maximize the enjoyment, capabilities and performance of the player. 

  • K15 ATX3.jpg

    The Kawai K15 ATX3 Anytime upright piano is the latest addition to the Kawai silent piano range. The Kawai ATX3 range of pianos are a clever invention - a true acoustic piano in every way, but equipped with the convenience of digital when you need it.

  • Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.05.36 PM.pn

    Combining award-winning craftsmanship and Kawai’s most advanced digital and sound technologies, the K-200 ATX3 delivers exceptional acoustic and digital performance.  Best quality value hybrid piano

  • k300 Aures.jpg
    K300 Aures

    Blending award-winning craftsmanship and performance of Kawai’s K-300 and the most advanced sound technology of Concert Artist Digital Pianos, the Aures is the finest hybrid piano in the market.

  • K500 Aures.jpg
    K500 Aures

    The K-500 AURES delivers one of the finest upright piano playing experience in the market today through its blend of award-winning craftsmanship and ground-breaking technology.

  • NV5

    The NV5 is the latest addition to Kawai's NOVUS series. It features the Millennium III Hybrid upright piano action with real damper mechanism, Bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity, and great piano sounds.

  • NV10

    NV10 Hybrid encapsulates the company’s many acoustic and digital achievements, fusing tradition with technology to redefine the grand piano experience-the  finest and most authentic piano touch ever offered in a digital instrument.

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