“…Blüthner is our favourite.”

——John Lennon 

(“Let It Be” was recorded on a Blüthner)


Julius Blüthner revolutionized the art of piano making, creating instruments that are enduring examples of outstanding craftsmanship and admired for their unparalleled beauty of tone.


In this spirit, Julius Blüthner’s vision and understanding of piano building have been transformed, five generations later, by his great-great grandsons into this outstanding instrument, showcasing his original aesthetic designs for the music stand, legs, and numerous other hand-crafted details.


It is a homage to his achievements and a testimony of the deep respect and gratitude for the legendary founder of Blüthner pianos.

The Supréme Edition Julius Blüthner can be specially ordered in the Model 2, Model 4, Model 6 and Model 10 grand piano sizes.  The ornate Jubilee iron plate is available only for the Model 6 size.

Queen Victoria Front
Queen Victoria Corner
Queen Victoria Side
Queen Victoria Back
Queen Victoria Back Left
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