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The Novus NV5 is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.  A stunning hybrid instrument that combines a full acoustic piano keyboard action and damper mechanism, with the latest digital sound and amplification technologies.


Designed for and tested by professional pianists, the NV5 provides the unmistakable feeling of playing a premium quality acoustic instrument, with all the practicality and convenience of a modern digital.

The touch of an acoustic piano

The Millennium III Hybrid action represents the latest milestone in Kawai’s rich legacy of piano innovation, and serves as the centrepiece of the Novus NV5.  It comprises over 6,000 individual parts, each playing a crucial role in allowing the performer’s fingertips to express feeling and emotion through music.

The feel of an acoustic piano

The Novus NV5’s beautiful chrome plated pedals are sourced from the same ‘K’ series instruments as the premium Millennium III keyboard action. Moreover, in addition to featuring a full acoustic piano action, the NV5 also incorporates a real acoustic piano damper mechanism.

The sound of an acoustic piano

The spirit of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano is at the heart of the Novus NV5. Each world-class instrument is hand-crafted by Master Piano Artisans (MPAs), utilising the finest available materials to ensure optimum touch, tone, and artistic expression.

The look of an acoustic piano

The Novus NV5’s stunning ebony polish cabinet is crafted in the same piano production facility as Kawai’s ‘K’ series upright instruments, ensuring exceptional build quality and an immaculate mirror-like finish.

The features of a digital piano

While the Novus NV5’s core features are unquestionably derived from an acoustic piano, the instrument neatly incorporates various additional technologies that provide the modern conveniences of a premium digital piano.


  • Millennium III Hybrid upright piano keyboard action with optical hammer sensing system

  • Real upright piano damper mechanism for true key and pedal weighting

  • SK-EX Rendering sound engine with multi-channel piano sampling

  • Premium audio processing, amplification, and speaker technologies powered by Onkyo

  • 3rd generation TwinDrive Soundboard Speaker system featuring Onkyo transducers

  • Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and audio for wireless communication with smart devices

  • Modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display with intuitive swipe operation

  • Flexible Virtual Technician function with 19 adjustable parameters

  • Convenient WAV/MP3/MIDI file record and playback via USB memory

  • Attractive topboard speaker cover crafted by Danish textile house Kvadrat

  • Stunning ebony polish cabinet design with Soft Fall fallboard system