Model 50


The Mason & Hamlin 50 is a modern classic designed for those seeking the distinctive Mason & Hamlin tone and sound of a grand piano in a more compact instrument. Built to last, the Model 50 can withstand years of strenuous use while retaining its beautiful, strong, and distinct tone and sound.

The Model 50 is handcrafted to perfection, utilizing only the finest materials to create unparalleled power and clarity not found in other upright pianos—making it the best value and sound in its class. The Model 50 sets a high standard that piano players around the world have come to trust for performance, and is perfect for professional use in schools, churches, as well as other institutions, and for anyone one who requires grand piano characteristics in a compact vertical size.


Mason & Hamlin's


Tension Resonator

With such thoroughness and attention to detail put into our pianos, it is only natural to want them to last a lifetime and beyond. This thought to longevity is exactly why Mason & Hamlin’s unique Tension Resonator was developed. This ingenious device ensures that every measurement and dimension of our pianos remains unchanged through the passing of time and seasons.


Since every Mason & Hamlin piano incorporates each of these elements of design into their soundboards — Eastern White Spruce, Multi-Radius Crown, Edge Tapering, rims cut to the shape of the soundboard, and their exclusive Tension Resonator it is no wonder that Mason & Hamlin pianos over 100 years old still have crown and play with the same vibrancy and life as the day they first arrived, and that Mason & Hamlin is still considered the Finest Piano in the World.

Why Mason & Hamlin?
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