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The story of Mason & Hamlin began in 1854 when two brilliant idealists sought to accomplish one goal: to make the world’s finest musical instrument. A mechanic and a pianist, Emmons Hamlin and Henry Mason committed to create an uncompromising instrument using only the finest materials and innovative techniques. Due to their dedication to quality, it was not long before Mason & Hamlin established a worldwide reputation for excellence that has lasted generations.


A modern Mason & Hamlin piano is built with the original, hand-crafted designs and quality of its founders, while integrating the innovation and advancements of the twenty-first century.

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Grand Pianos

  • Model CC - 9'4"

    From its thunderous bass to its bell-like treble, the Model CC is perfect for a wide range of repertoire and musical genres.

  • Model BB - 7'2"

    The Model BB redefines what a grand piano should be, with power and sonority usually reserved for concert grands—making the tonal possibilities truly limitless.

  • Model AA - 6'4"

    Ideal for pianists at every level, the Model AA combines superior sound quality and touch with beauty and classic artistry for a look and sound that is unmistakably Mason & Hamlin.

  • Model A - 5'8"

    Full of expression, character, and exquisite beauty, the Model A provides unmatched volume, tone, and projection in its class.

  • Model B - 5'4"

    Magnificent projection, excellent playability, and distinctive styling all in one package, the Model B will leave you with a lasting impression that is anything but small.


Upright Pianos

  • Model 50

    Built to last, the Model 50 can withstand years of strenuous use while retaining its beautiful, strong, and distinct tone and sound.


Other Series

Classic Series
Artist Series
VX Series
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Why Mason & Hamlin?

Since 1854, Mason & Hamlin has proudly continued its century-old tradition of using only the finest materials and time-honored methods to produce the World’s Finest Piano. Today, these remarkable American-made instruments grace the stages of concert halls and conservatories alike, and are renowned for their distinctive tone, bell-like treble, thunderous bass, and exceptional playability.

With fewer than 200 pianos produced each year, a Mason & Hamlin piano is the instrument for those who don't like to compromise and who desire something unique.

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