Kawai grand pianos are among the finest musical instruments in the world. From their world-renowned 9-foot concert grand uniquely designed for the concert stage to their award-winning 5’0″ baby grand pianos recognized around the globe for its matchless combination of performance and value, the full range of Kawai grand pianos stands alone in its ability to provide the right instrument for any player across every level of ability. Whether you’re a performing artist or an aspiring hobbyist, there is a Kawai grand piano ready to meet you exactly where you are in your musical journey. Crafted not only to create aesthetic beauty, Kawai grand pianos are designed to provide the ultimate in long-term precision and nuance through the use of leading-edge composite materials (including carbon fiber). It is the uncommon ability to merge time-tested traditional methods with modern technology that makes Kawai different from all others in the piano world — and a key reason why Kawai is counted among the most award-winning companies in the music products industry.

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Kawai GL Series


The GL Series was selected “Number 1” over every other music product line on the planet. And that should speak volumes to every piano buyer. It proves that the GL Series Grand Pianos are truly exceptional, with a rare combination of tone, touch and stability that rises far above all other instruments in its price range.

  • GL-50

    In a versatile size that is ideal for studios and smaller recital spaces, the GL-50 is a favorite among skilled pianists.

  • GL-40

    A popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios, the GL-40 is a superb choice for the sensitive musician.

  • GL-30

    In a flexible size that adapts admirably to a wide range of performance spaces, the GL-30 will outperform any comparable grand piano.

  • GL-20

    With its exceptional combination of touch and tone, the GL-20 is a potent performer with a petite profile.

  • GL-10

    With the most complete set of music-enhancing features ever offered on a piano of this size, the GL-10 has everything a pianist needs to succeed. 


Kawai GX Series




Sometimes the discerning pianist needs more from a piano. More dynamic range, more assertiveness, more sensitivity, more control… more of everything that makes possible the full range of human emotions in musical terms. That’s why Kawai created the GX BLAK Performance Series Grand Pianos. They provide more to the artist. The GX BLAK Series pianos provide everything an artist needs to achieve and express at the highest level.

  • GX-7

    Respected worldwide for its superb tone and responsiveness, the GX-7 will delight artists and audiences alike in any performance setting.

  • GX-6

    The GX-6 BLAK combines exquisite tone with stunning beauty to offer an instrument befitting the finest concert hall or professional studio.

  • GX-5

    With outstanding tone and power in a flexible 6’7″ size, the GX-5 adapts to a range of musical requirements and performance venues.

  • GX-3

    With outstanding tone and touch in a versatile size, the GX-3 is a preferred choice of professionals.

  • GX-2

    With a rich history of international acclaim, the GX-2 is the popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios.

  • GX-1

    The GX-1 delivers superb touch and an extraordinary range of tonal expressiveness that rivals any grand piano on the market today.

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