The Fazioli pianos are the epitome of the passion for music and scientific knowledge. The aristocratic sound with rich transparent tone are inspired by the Italian ideal of the “forte” and “piano” of Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano’s inventor.


The company was founded in 1981 by Paolo Fazioli, an engineer and pianist himself. Fazioli built grand and concert grand pianos in his factory in the town of Sacile, 60 km from Venice.


Great craftsmanship, a firm commitment to technological research and highly selective materials: these are the main elements required to master the tone inspired by the Italian ideal.

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It is not uncommon for Fazioli to receive special orders for unusual piano cases. The Fazioli factory obliges by providing designs using inlaid woods, gold leaf, gemstones, metals and even fine paintings upon request. Our website showcases a variety of such designer cases. The Fazioli M.Liminal model, for example, inspired by dolphins and ocean waves, was originally designed by NYT Line for a yacht.

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 When famed pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli began developing his own piano nearly 30 years ago, he had a single goal in mind – to create a piano that played and sounded better than anything ever made. Since then, Paolo’s vision has been affirmed by a number of world-renowned musicians such as Herbie HancockAngela HewittLouis LortieBrad Mehldau, amongst many others.


With each piano a labor of love, quality and perfection, Fazioli builds only 100 pianos per year, with each one taking over two years to finish.


No detail is overlooked, and many parts are plated in 18K gold to prevent corrosion. Hallmarking Fazioli’s commitment to excellence is the soundboard, which is produced using the wood from trees in northern Italy’s “Val di Fiemme” forest, made famous for being used to craft Antonio Stradivari’s violins.


The “titanic” of all pianos is the F308 model, a beautiful gem, standing at a staggering length of 10’3”, making it the world’s largest piano in production. 

Five out to six finalists chose FAZIOLI in Arthur Rubinstein Piano Master Competition


Tel Aviv, Israel
April 25th - May 11th 2017

From the upcoming April 25th, a FAZIOLI grand piano will be back on stage at the prestigious “Arthur Rubinstein international piano master competition” in Tel-Aviv, where candidates will have the opportunity to choose it for the different stages of the competition. FAZIOLI's first experience at the Rubinstein Competition dates back to 2014, at the last edition, when the piano especially selected at the Factory for this important event, was chosen from 5 out to 6 finalists, that preferred it over the other brands for their last performance: the piano concerto.

The 15° edition will see on stage 32 pianists coming from all over the world. As usual, competitors will have to face two stages before reaching the finals, where they will have to play a chamber concerto, a classical concerto, and a grand concerto. For the winner, 40.000 $ and various concerts.

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