F 121 Queen Anne


Schimmel Fridolin Collection

About Fridolin F 121 Queen Anne

The Queen Anne style in Britain refers to a furniture style of the early 1870s, which was influenced by the Georgian period of the middle 18th century and was popular mainly in the United States of America and Great Britain. The furniture style was influenced by Chinese elements and were most common with curved legs and walnut finishes.

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Fridolin instruments are part of the brand family of Schimmel. This guarantees that you are purchasing an instrument of value for which Schimmel vouches with its name!

All Fridolin instruments are based on a Schimmel technical design. With over 130 years of excellence in piano making we ensure that Fridolin pianos offer the soul of a German piano in sound and touch.

All Fridolin instruments have a Schimmel cabinet design. Schimmel has been awarded with numerous design awards such as the red dot award, the Good Design Award and the nomination for the German Design award. Fridolin instruments look classy and stylish.

All Fridolin instruments are manufactured in China according to a defined processes from Schimmel and supervised by German craftsmen from Schimmel. This assures a continuous quality promise.

All Fridolin instruments are made of carefully selected materials such as German Hammer felt and Rösslau strings, to warranty that you are purchasing an instrument of value.

All Fridolin instruments are equipped with Schimmel ́s extended factory warranty to assure that you are purchasing a durable instrument.

Fridolin instruments are a smart investment.