C. Bechstein is a legendary brand that’s steeped in tradition, appreciated by top pianists and driven by a passion for the piano. Top quality since 1853, one of Germany’s most historic and at the same time most modern piano-makers that has a list of clients including royalties and some of the greatest artists of all history.


 The C. Bechstein name is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in Germany.

Top quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany.

A 124
A 114
A 175
A 190
A 208
A 228
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Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action renders every nuance. Unsurpassed excellence.

Concert 8
C 234
B 212
L 167
D 282
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Examples of special editions with noble finishes. For example, the C. Bechstein Louis XV Grand Piano - a sumptuously ornamented instrument made by master craftsmen and artists using the most exquisite materials.

Louis XV
Bird's Eye Maple
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Courage, creativity and perseverance: Three virtues of the Bechstein family. It has been the favorite among some of the most dazzling composers and pianists in the history of music. 

C. Bechstein
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Throughout the company’s history, C. Bechstein pianos have been famous for their brand-specific characteristics that empower players to express themselves freely. Just as a famous pianist once said: “When you play a C. Bechstein, the instrument’s marvelous voice and perfect, elegant action make you forget about the technique, so that you enjoy absolute freedom of interpretation.”

The primary feature of all Bechstein pianos: a distinctive, beautiful voice. Every Bechstein stands out with its typical, rich and beautiful voice, its sound and dignified character. Not just a superficial, glittery ring, but a classic sound, masterful capabilities, and perfect balance are what the most discriminating musicians appreciate in a Bechstein.

You’ll enjoy your Bechstein for its perfection and its ability to meet your highest demands.




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