C. Bechstein pianos are jewels handmade in Germany, the last word in piano-making, built to satisfy the most discriminating ears and most demanding musicians.

At the C. Bechstein manufactory, experienced masters and specialists make unique instruments that have musical personalities all their own. These masterpieces are born under truly luxurious conditions: natural raw materials of prime quality are carefully selected, then stored under controlled climatic conditions, and finally processed by expert piano-makers. The genesis of a C. Bechstein piano is thus a process that takes many years.

The masterpieces produced in the German manufactory of C. Bechstein since 1853 are highly complex creatures, the result of a long process composed of hundreds of individual steps. They are musical jewels developed and produced with love. 

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Top quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany.

  • A 228

    A powerful semi-concert grand piano. Great sound volume, technical perfection and impressive reserves.

  • A 208

    A wonderful professional parlor grand piano for private music rooms and small concert halls.

  • A 190

    Exceptionally clear and richly nuanced voice. Pleasant touch. Entices you to play.

  • A 175

    An excellent mid-sized instrument that even demanding music lovers enjoy playing.

  • A 160

    Precise action and well balanced voice. Welcome to the Bechstein world!

  • A 124

    Large soundboard and impressive sound volume. A modern piano with a beautiful voice.

  • A 114

    A self-assured piano, an enviable understatement, modern yet classical.

  • A 4

    A versatile talent for every repertoire.


Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide.

  • D 282

    A concert grand piano of superlatives, provided with a fantastic sound and a perfect action.

  • C 234

    Wonderful power and dynamics.

    High-precision action.

  • B 212

    Noble voice and professional touch. The standard for pros and your own music room.

  • A 192

    Finest nuances, outstanding action, wonderfully colored voice. A breath-taking parlor grand.

  • L 167

    Professional perfection in compact format. A piano that many consider the best baby grand ever.

  • Concert 8

    With its dream touch and finest sound diffusion, this model is probably the best professional piano worldwide.

  • Elegance 124

    High-end upright with a case design of timeless elegance.

  • Classic 118

    Classical design with clear lines, powerful and singing voice, delicate touch, harmonious architecture.


Examples of special editions with noble finishes. For example, the C. Bechstein Louis XV Grand Piano - a sumptuously ornamented instrument made by master craftsmen and artists using the most exquisite materials.

Louis XV
Bird's Eye Maple
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