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Bird's Eye Maple
Dream touch and magic sound!

Boasting the sumptuous C. Bechstein sound and its inimitable emotional energy on the one hand and a case that is a wonderful work of art on the other, this dream grand piano in bird’s eye maple that is adorned with authentic gold leaf provides a perfect synthesis between the most noble of materials. Craftsmen spent two years making this miracle of expertise and precision.

You’re under its spell from the very first moment you see it. This piano offers a new interpretation of warmth and preciousness, an amazing combination of tradition and innovation. 

The C. Bechstein bird’s eye maple grand not only boasts an enticing beauty, but also a sumptuous sound and a wonderful touch. Under its fine skin beats the heart of an authentic C. Bechstein B 212 concert grand, an instrument with a dream touch and noble, transparent and colorful voice.