A true acoustic piano in every way, but equipped with the convenience of digital when you need it!

The Kawai K15 ATX3 Anytime upright piano is the latest addition to the Kawai silent piano range. Kawai ATX3 Anytime pianos have strings, proper keyboards, soundboards and function as a true acoustic piano, but when they are put into Anytime mode (otherwise known as Silent Piano mode), the acoustic sound is muted and the player can hear the sound of a beautiful concert grand piano through headphones.


Dimensions in cm (HxWxD): 110 x 149 x 59

Weight in kg: 198

  • Soundboard: 1.31m² Solid Spruce

  • Back Posts: 4

  • Hammers: Maple/Sycamore

  • Action: Ultra Responsive

  • Key Surface: Acrylic/Phenol

  • Kind of key recognize: IHSS, optical sensors

  • Harmonic Imaging II Sounds: 13 (Concert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Mellow Grand, Mellow Grand 2, Modern Piano, Classic E.Piano, Modern E.P., Slow Strings, Choir, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Church Organ, Jazz Organ)


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